By “simple”, I don’t necessarily mean “easy”. More than 14 years ago, Carrla and I made a decision to follow our Father’s call to serve His people by joining the staff of Hope for the Hungry. This “yes” to our Father’s plan eventually necessitated an uprooting of our family and moving them to Central Texas. Nine years later, we were called to leave the relative “comfort” of Hope and start a new ministry serving those who reach the unreached throughout South Asia. Looking back, there have been times of blessing, times of buffeting, times of wondering, but there is NO doubt that it was He who called us here.

And so…it begins anew, with a prayerful DECISION (with my godly wife’s full blessing) to take a new step. On February 22, I begin my 18th journey to India. What different? This time, I am going with a deeper measure of faith, with no return airfare and an open-ended itinerary. The difference this year is that I have no “parachute”, no extra frequent flyer miles, except for Father’s provision. We expect this mission to be one of my longest with an expected return in two or more months. (A little over a year ago, I made a similar trip that was open-ended, which resulted in ministry not only in India, but Sri Lanka, Germany & Italy.)

These words LEAPT off of the page of a devotional when I read them last week while in the valley of decision last week:

The people who do the will of God look out of their mind to those who simply exist. Especially nominal Christians. “Unless there is an element of risk in our exploits for God, there is no need for faith.” Spoken by one of my heroes: the great missionary to China, Hudson Taylor.

I have many good, valid reasons to “not go”, but only one reason to “GO!” – discerning my Father’s will. With the example of Elisha, and with the words of Yeshua ringing in my ears: “Let the dead bury the dead”, and “I must be about my Father’s business,” I cannot refuse my Father’s call to a deeper obedience, to a greater trust in His purposes and plan. Well…..yes I can…but I dare not. Time is short. No time to muck about.

Please remember me, and our Associate Director, Mahlon McLean as we head back to India and perhaps points unknown later this month. Prayer is the fuel that propels us forward. Thank you!

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