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Matthew’s Day Off – simply brilliant…and fun.

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My oldest son is a genius.

Well…I have to admit…ALL of my kids are pretty brilliant. Some have more self-discipline than others. Seriously…that is what separates success from failure most of the time. But back to my story…I recently asked my eldest son, Justin (the graphic artist) to … Continue reading

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I am a BLESSED man!

So many good things in my life: A wonderful, beautiful wife; four kids; four beautiful, no… gorgeous grandkids; an incredible group of believers literally all over the world;  a climate-controlled roof over our heads, clean, hot or cold, running water, food, paid bills … Continue reading

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This is brilliant. And it has our Yorkie’s paw of approval.

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SO MANY QUESTIONS…so few answers…

for example…Will Alabama finally beat LSU tonight? If so, is it fair that they will split wins yet ‘Bama will win the National Championship? Why are those awesome little clementines $6.50 at HEB but only $3.50 at Wal-mart? Do the HEB variety … Continue reading

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